Strutured Settlements

The Problem

Successful Trial Attorneys have tens of thousands or more of their own money tied down in case expenses. Besides the opportunity cost, this money is not earning any interest and is not tax deductible. Basically, you are giving out interest free loans on cases and trapping your money until the case settles. This was always considered a cost of business, until now.


The Solution

Case cost financing is a low cost way (often as low as 1% net expense)* for your firm to pay for case expenses and free up your cash flow that is usually trapped in pending cases. Traditional bank loans are 5-7% if you qualify. We provide the tools to make the accounting and compliance a snap.



You choose the cases and expenses that you would like fund and then put your money to work for you. Call us today and learn how we can help you.

* In most jurisdictions, a law firm can reduce its annual costs by passing borrowing costs through to its cases, but the compliance requirements can be too expensive to implement. It is important to have an expense tracking system and service team that allows firms to easily comply with allocation and reporting requirements. So, for example, if a firm recovers at least 90% of its borrowing costs from its cases, as most of our clients do, its annual cost of funds is very small – even less than 1%. Contact us to discuss how our case expense financing program can work for your firm. (All loans are subject to credit approval, and terms and conditions may vary.)

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